Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

Box with 12 Truffles
If the temperature at the delivery destination is over 90 degrees, we recommend that you wait until cooler weather before placing your order.

Please note, the 12 Piece Bulk is packaged in a plain white shipping carton, not gift a gift box.

Organic Double Dark Chocolate Truffles
  Dark Chocolate Cacao Fruits and Nuts

Chocolate truffles taste best when fresh. Our “Use By” date is 3 weeks after the chocolates leave our kitchen, stored under refrigeration after they are received. Always bring to room temperature at least an hour before enjoying.


ALLERGENS: Not suitable for those with milk allergies, even though measures are taken to keep Vegan products separate from any dairy products: In our facility as well as some suppliers', ingredients are processed on equipment that may also process dairy, soy, nuts, wheat.


Chocolate truffles


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