Frequently asked questions

+ You get access to a STRONG TEAM with strong backgrounds

We have a great team that has strong backgrounds in finance, property and investing. We have deep experience in finance, debt and economics which are key to gaining insights into how property really works.

+ You get great quality at affordable prices

We have a strong belief that quality services can be offered at affordable prices

+ We focus on your education

Hopefully you've heard of the famous metaphor that this references... we want to teach you how to fish, not give you a fish! We firmly believe in experiential education, which is why we also make sure you have the ability to access good property deals through our platform

+ You get access to a variety of subject matter experts

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+ We know your mindset matters

We care about making sure you have the right mindset, which is crucial to finding a sustainable path to prosperity.

+ You can access curated property deals

We can facilitate access to quality deals whether you're interested in buying alone or being part of a group of investor, although please note that we do not give specific investment advice (as we're not authorised to do so).

+ You'll be able to tap into a powerful network

We understand the power of a network and how this can be leveraged to achieve your goals

+ We're proud to be a leader in the diversity agenda

We believe that there is tremendous power in the black community and we want to support it.

+ We've won awards and received public recognition

Take a look at some of the relevant items HERE

+ You'll always get a balanced (honest) perspective

We believe in the integrity of presenting information in a balanced manner. Other organsiations involved in similar areas seem to focus too much on the REWARDS of property without balancing out their explanations of how to view and manage RISK. We know how crucial it is to understand both