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Design Your wedding Luxury Cake

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

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You can take the wedding cake anywhere without fear of falling or rain and destroying your Special wedding day.

Welcome to the Bella Store we are host specializing in personalized and exclusive Design, everything exclusive ,our creations are internationally known, in Europe -France, UK, Brazil and US,we have customers around the world.

I am a personal chef that has 15 years experience , and Chef, specializing in Luxury Wedding Giant Cakes , American, Latin and Norwegian food, sophisticated desserts and cakes in addition to drink cocktails, specializing in international Weddings ,specialized in giant cakes.

I started working at a very young age, my family had a restaurant and I learned from an early age work, I really love my job, I always liked what I do and I dedicate myself to each client with love and responsibility and dedication to me this is very important to me.

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